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Thursday, August 30, 2012
Here I am at home trying to catch up on rest, but also I have been jotting down ideas and my brain has been working on overload.  I can't get into my classroom until Tuesday and the students arrive on Thursday!  Yeah, I know not a lot of time. 
 I have made list upon list as what needs to get done.  I will also recruit everyone I know to help out.  I am a College Advisor to my sorority and I know those ladies will be looking for community service and they also want recommendations for work.  So I guess everyone gets what they want in the end.
I am trying to develop a TpT store with mostly free items for classroom use. If you have an account please follow me and I will follow you too.  (Who knows maybe I already follow you!!)
  Here is a very cute craft, bulletin board, community/character builder.  The packet includes a parent letter, and a cutout of the project.  That is available in the TpT store
This was my experiment to see if a picture and a link would work.  Let's hope it does. (Fingers crossed) 
Friends and Followers, I want to thank you for being here with me as I begin this blogging journey.  I would like to be apart of your blogging world too.  If you are having a give away or a blogging milestone, please consider me to be a part of it with you. I know many bloggers connect together to make their giveaway even better!!

Communication with Parents-FREEBIE!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012
So I have taken a few pain pills, for my wrist, and I wanted to share with you this freebie, that I have on TpT.  I am working on another one but this wrist injury has me limited to my work. I would appreciate it if you could follow the TpT store, or share it with your friends. If you download the chart, please leave a quick comment. My friend and I are working on this operation together. I blog and keep up with Facebook like and she does the TpT.  

The parents of  the special needs students I have had need/like to know how things are going from morning to afternoon with their child.  Here is one behavior chart, I have used with a few students in my class. After creating the behavior chart, I am sure to inform the parent prior to starting the behavior chart about what the goal is for the chart.

For this particular chart I write the activity in (math, reading, centers, specials, etc.) and copy it for the week.  I give the student a double happy face for great behavior, a single happy face for acceptable behavior and a sad face for.... sad behavior.  If I am not the teacher for the period then I ask the teacher in the room to tell me the rating.  The icons you see at the top are also printed out for the student to have as a visual on their desk. 

This chart slips into a page protector and goes home to the parent for signature.  This chart is used in addition to a student chart in the classroom, this is just a quick way for the parent to know how their child did that particular day.


For my serious bloggers.  Does anyone want to take me on as a "student"?  How do I put the picture of the behavior chart on this posting?!?!?  How can I do all those fancy things to the blog also?  Some of them are so incredible and so pretty to look at.  :)   

Please help and spread the word about this blog. I am really trying to get use to it and make it more enjoyable to follow. 

I thank you for following me on this journey and hope to learn a lot from you.   What are some things that you would like to have shared on this blog? 


Monday, August 20, 2012
I am sorry I have been away for so long, I have a partial stress fracture on my right wrist. :(  I need to get an MRI and the doctor told me that I need to limit my computer use and texting.  Talk about being in pain.  I have tried all different kinds of padding and building different things to help with pain at the computer, but it is really, really uncomfortable.

I want to thank you for following my blog and I hope that you can share my blog with your followers.  I want to try to reach 50 followers.  While I am not on the computer I am thinking and creating materials with the good old pencil and paper. 

What kinds of materials and ideas would you like to see on this blog?


My very FIRST follower!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012
I am soooooo happy to have my first  follower!!! THANK YOU TO  smittenwithfirst.blogspot.com.

You made my Monday!!

Think I will keep him!

My husband knows that school will start in a few weeks and he thought that he would brighten up my August Monday morning with a flower delivery.  Think I've been stressed? or think he is tired of helping me with class projects?
Sunday, August 5, 2012
It's 10pm and I am now looking for a good blogger tutorial.  One that will show me how to add all the jazzy backgrounds, fonts, and photos.  Also want to learn and figure out how to "follow" people.

August 5, 2012
Sunday night and the blogging has begun!  Will it work??
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