Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fun On the Farm

City kids love learning about the farm!  The first grade teachers in my building have be getting ready to begin their farm units ending with a trip to the farm where they will pick pumpkins and enjoy the farm.  This trip is really a fun trip for our students, due to the fact the we teach in a very poor part of the inner city.  The little kiddos go crazy for all the farm animals.   The children have an opportunity to milk the cows, get eggs from the hen house, and go on a hayride!  

  I created this hands on activity to get the kids even more engaged about the farm.   This activity includes addition and subtraction problems.   

Students choose a card and create the number story using the hands on manipulatives (farm themed counters are included in this set)

Grab a little apple FREEBIE here

Looking for something apple realated for your math center, have your students spin, spin then solve! 
All pieces are included, learning mats, student answer sheets, and counting manpulitves,  just add paperclips or your own spinner!!!!  
Easy prep, color or black and white learning mat options.  
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently.. the baby is sleeping. :)

CURRENTLY... September?!!!   

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LISTENING  the absolute silence..... My newborn is sleeping before midnight.  I feel like a rock star because she is fed and in bed!  My husband is catching up on his shows that are on DVR and I am doing a quick post! 

LOVING that today I got to see my grandma, mom and dad.  ALL in one day!  Success. 

THINKING that I really should get some stuff done around the house.  Maybe unload the dishwasher, do laundry,.... you know normal household chores. 

WANTING a fresh new haircut.  

NEEDING nothing..... just maybe  a few more hours in the day.  But then again don't we all! 

3 Trips  I have traveled to many exotic places.  Some of them multiple times.  However, Alaska, Phuket and Saychelles are still on my list.  I will get there one-day... someday.

Thank you for joining me this month.  As promised from the last currently when I was on bed rest.  Here is the Little Itty Bitty Baby.  My little sweetness.....

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh Baby.... It's Back to School!

Ever feel like things happen and then everything else gets put to the side.  Well these two feet happened!  My last post was my June currently where I was "currently" on bed rest.  Since then, this little package arrived 1 week early, putting all my last minute to-do's on the now it's never going to get done list.  Oh well!  

Between feedings, changing and  family coming to visit I managed to complete these resources.   

My kindergarten colleagues asked me to create this NO PREP beginning skills resource for them.  It covers, alphabet practice, colors, numbers 1-10, beginning sounds and pre-primer sight words.  I added a little extra treat for them and give them color and black-line student awards.   
I know that my students love getting recognition for their work!  

Another custom resource was this Successful Writers BOOK OF WORDS 
This resource is a useful interactive tool that allows student freedom when they write.  This resource is adaptable for your students.
 For your higher more independent writers, give them the high frequency word pages with blanks to add their own words. For the newcomer, reluctant writer, or students will more demanding needs, copy the pages that have visuals and the word. 

For themed writing or just additional topics, copy the additional 24 pages of categories, that include picture and words. These categories are endless and allow students to use pictures to help develop their writing. Some categories include, family, food, clothing, seasons, and a whole lot more! 

A follow up to the BLENDS and DIGRAPH resource is a sister resource focusing on long vowels and vowel teams.  This resource has 19 interactive student booklets and multi-sensory learning mats to master these tricky sounds. 

A nice addition to tricky vowel sounds are these classroom visuals and charts.  These are great visual cues for all students.  This year the English Language Learners in first and second grade will be using  these during their RTI and AIS times.  

To accompany my beginning blends and digraphs, I created the final consonant charts and posters.

This year my theme is going to be primary polka dots.  (Shhhh don't tell my husband I bought new baskets and accessories!  He will not be happy to know that all the bright baskets are staying in the garage a little longer!)  
I created this calendar time set, to keep a changing pattern every month.  Also included, are 19 student resource pages for printing ease and additional reinforcement  during calendar time.  

Oh yes and for those of you who haven't started the new year yet, or those of you that want to snag a good deal!  My whole store is on sale...  Check it out.....   

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently.... JUNE!

CURRENTLY The Last Month of SCHOOL!!!   

I am linking up with Farley at Oh ' Boy 4th Grade

LISTENING  the birds chirping outside and I enjoy hearing my husband use choice four letter words as he paints!

LOVING that by this time on the East Coast ALL the laundry is DONE!  No Sunday night stress here!   

THINKING that I really should be laying down, because bed rest means... lay down!

WANTING to a LARGE.... no wait EXTRA LARGE ice coffee with lots of sugar! 

NEEDING to get myself organized for the arrival of my lil baby coming this July.   I can't believe that time has flown by and the arrival is near.  If someone would have told me that 8 months would have goes this fast, I would have thought they were joking!  

Summer Bucket List  I have a few books on my IPad that really need to be read, so I think that this summer in between late night feedings and getting into a routine as a new mom I will try to READ!  

Thank you for joining me this month.  I will be sure to update you next currently on my newest arrival.  

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Spin, Spin, Solve--Hands on Math

After looping with my group of kiddos for the past few years they need to stay motivated to work and learn.   I have found out that they work best when they are "playing."  So I decided to add a few spinners and some hands on manipulatives to make adding and subtracting a little more exciting... I guess it worked because I got a parent letter, telling me she looked in Target for the game that her son was talking about.  I made her a set and sent it home secretly.  One rainy weekend  the mom broke out the game and was amazed at how much her son enjoyed "learning." Take a peek at the pictures to see how to make learning fun!   More themes and additional facts coming soon.  

This Fishbowl Math game comes with addition and subtraction work mats.  Matching manipulatives and blackline masters for on the go practice.

This set is on sale this weekend as part of my SPRING CLEANING SALE.  NO CODE needed.  Just fill up your cart and check out with the sale price.   
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hands on Math.... Making a Trade!

Regrouping 2 digit numbers has become my number one difficulty with my 2nd graders so far this year.  The mixed level class, the common core, or the concept, I can;t put my finger on it.   So I created these hands on math mats to get my struggling kids more comfortable with regrouping.  

Students chose a board.  They show the top digit using tens and ones.  Then they show the middle digit with tens and ones.  They MAKE A TRADE if necessary and then SLIDE down to solve! Fun, interactive, and hands on!  

                                 SHOW                                   TRADE

                              SHOW                                TRADE

Looking for more challenging or less challenging math mats?  Create your own problems or have the students create them for each other!  Fun for everyone.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three Million Strong TpT Teacher Sale!!!

How AMAZING is it that 3 MILLION teachers are connected and benefit from Teachers pay Teachers!!!
Well in case you have noticed, on Thursday and Friday a little celebration will be happening.... A SITE WIDE SALE.   Who doesn't love a sale and then a coupon to go with it!   Start filling up your cart with awesome teaching goodies..... then when you check out enter the promo code TPT3.  I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you some of my favorite classroom resources that will be on sale.   My entire store is on sale.


                                                                                         (2nd edition coming soon)

 Fry words also available

 Fry words also available.



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Here is a lil something I made last year and updated it to work for this year.