Three Million Strong TpT Teacher Sale!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
How AMAZING is it that 3 MILLION teachers are connected and benefit from Teachers pay Teachers!!!
Well in case you have noticed, on Thursday and Friday a little celebration will be happening.... A SITE WIDE SALE.   Who doesn't love a sale and then a coupon to go with it!   Start filling up your cart with awesome teaching goodies..... then when you check out enter the promo code TPT3.  I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you some of my favorite classroom resources that will be on sale.   My entire store is on sale.


                                                                                         (2nd edition coming soon)

 Fry words also available

 Fry words also available.



Thank you for checking out my resources and supporting my store......  If you purchase something don't forget to leave FEEDBACK!  You earn TPT credits and then you can buy MORE.   I will be offering a special prize to those people who buy and leave feedback during the sale.   Follow my store to get the update and find out how you can win!  

Here is a lil something I made last year and updated it to work for this year.  

All Hands on Math!!!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Multi sensory Fun!   My kiddos struggle so much with basic addition.  The mixed group of kids this year, are struggling.  So I tried to incorporate what they like into the activities.   These Show, Slide and Solve mats are just what I needed.   They are hands on, to make math that much more enjoyable.  Use food, math  manipulatives, mini objects, anything that will make your reluctant struggling mathematician want to do math.

Here are some pictures of it in action.  For this child pretzels are the go to motivator.   While looking at the addition problem, he puts 3 pretzels for the top number, then 5 more for the second number.  Here comes the BEST part.......  He SLIDES all the pretzels down into the last box and counts them to get the answer.   After he is completed with all 10 problems and his answers have been recorded he can eat the math manipulative.  


 Looking for your students use counters or other math manipulatives?  Use the colored boards with unifix cubes to show, slide and solve.   Other fun counting choices are mini Lego's, teddy bear counters, or fun shaped erasers.  

Want to create your own math problems, use the blank boards to create a problem just for your students.  Student math pairs can create unique problem for their partner to solve.  

This hands on set includes 5 colors of games with sums up to 15.  Mix and match math mats, or keep them color coded.  Included also are math mats without colored background.  

An additional unit is coming for my struggling 2nd graders!   Posted this weekend.

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