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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy December, Happy beginning of the wonderful holiday season.  This year the holidays are so much more enjoyable because of Little Sweet Baby O.  She put the "THANKS" into Thanksgiving.  Family dinner with an 18 pound turkey was fun.... But passing around a 12.5 pound baby was all the more enjoyable.   In between returning to work and soaking up all my free minutes with the little princess I managed to finish this R-Controlled Vowels set!    This resource follows the same layout as my Blends and Digraphs bundles.  

Check them out and let me know what you think. 


My kinders are also becoming familiar with numbers to 10 so I made this cutie game for them to play during math centers and also indoor recess!  I ended up having to print them out on different colored paper, because they were all fighting over the pieces.  I guess it could be worse right? 

My students love these activities and I created holiday ones too.  These sets include modified and differentiated version of counting to 5.  Students count themed items, graph them and then complete additional activities based on their findings.  Check them out!  great for subs, additional fun practice or indoor recess.  

PSST... also don't forget about the HUGE sale starting tomorrow. My entire shop is going to be on sale.  Come by and snag a few things.. don't forget to leave feedback so you can buy MORE!

Famous Mathematicians

Sunday, November 16, 2014
Sometimes a little love goes a long way.  My little student Alejandro was having a very rough week.  For a 5 year old boy to have so many issues, sometimes work needs to be put to the side and love needs to step in.  That's exactly what we did. My class paraprofessional found out that Alejandro wanted to be famous when he grows up.  He was "playing" a game on the computer in order to try to get him to open up about what was bothering him.  
Without going into details.... I have the ability to make him famous!   

He is on the blog today.  I told him that if he did some work for me, I would call the computer man and have him put it on the Internet for everyone to see!   

SOOOOO, Alejandro got right to work. He colored, counted and worked like a mad man so he could be famous.  After he worked I praised him like crazy, stickers of all kinds, and then I marched right over to my phone and called the computer man.  The computer man, AKA my former paraprofessional came to my class right away and took his work so that he can become famous.  
On Monday morning, I will show him that his work is now on the Internet!  With the encouragement and excitement, I hope to see Alejandro work more in class with  hopes to become famous. 

LADIES and GENTLEMEN, I am proud to introduce to you Alejandro and his Little Book of 7. 

 Here is some number hunting, writing, and representing. 

        Here Alejandro showed a ten frame, numbers before and      after with tally marks.  Then he showed his number using base  ten cubes and his favorite drawing the number.  He told me he did  hearts, because he loves me for making him famous.   

Here is the activity.  11 interactive booklets 

Also avaliable is the alphabet....

Autumn Fun with a Treat!

Friday, October 10, 2014

How is it possible that we are enjoying Autumn already?  Wasn't it just summer!?  I am still home enjoying the last few weeks of my little peanut. My Family Leave is coming to an end.  It won't be long before I am out the door at 6am and home by 5.   I head back to work right before Halloween.  I am not sure who will be more scared, the kiddos or me?   I haven't seen them or any of their work.  I left it to the leave replacement.  I figured why waste time and energy telling them how I would do things, when I will have to re-do it all!  Teaching special education is always a challenge, why not throw more into the mix and be a new mom too!   One of the push in support teachers called me and wanted to know if I had won the lotto so I could stay home,  because the class was CRAZY!  Just as I suspected.  So now I will enter the class with firm, routine activities and they will thrive on the "newness" and my excitement for meeting them and sharing all about my wee little one. 

Even though I have not been in the room, I have been sending in activities for the kiddos to do.  The recent one I sent with the Autumn Centers. This center set is really light on the prep..... basically no prep.  Some colored copies for table labels and desired math centers.  Straight cuts nothing fancy and all student response forms are black and white.

So since I created this set of centers, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the teacher taking over for me to takes photos.  Right, not to hard.... she did.  She took photos on an ipad that she couldn't figure out how to download and send them to me.  So the clever one took a picture of the ipad screen!  REALLY.... is this what I have to deal with.  I apologize in advance for the blurry and not so pretty pictures.  I can only imagine the mess that awaits me.   So here are some photos of photos of my class and our buddy class do Autumn centers.

The students did weighing measuring with unifix cubes, counters, and CANDY CORN too!

Everyone loves to paint.  So this group  is doing some pumpkin detail work.  The girls always love to be creative and draw/paint.  The boys always want to cut open the pumpkin.  But I tell them they have to use the details from the pumpkin to create a scene

Pumpkin Circumference  Students are working together to determine the circumference of this big 'ol pumpkin. 

(Don 't you love the lil Educlips kid heads?)

Also included but not photographed are writing centers that have students writing informational writing How to GROW a pumpkin and How a Pumpkins Grows!  More math activities with Autumn counting learning mats and student interactive  worksheets.

I am also sending this in for them to get started on too.  Hoping these little monsters will be little angles by the time I get there!  Otherwise we will not do anything fun.    I am actually secretly hoping that these activities give me rock star status with them and they will want more!  

PSSST... you made it all the way to the end!  Here is a little TREAT for you.  Enjoy and thank you for following me.  

Fun On the Farm

Sunday, September 21, 2014
City kids love learning about the farm!  The first grade teachers in my building have be getting ready to begin their farm units ending with a trip to the farm where they will pick pumpkins and enjoy the farm.  This trip is really a fun trip for our students, due to the fact the we teach in a very poor part of the inner city.  The little kiddos go crazy for all the farm animals.   The children have an opportunity to milk the cows, get eggs from the hen house, and go on a hayride!  

  I created this hands on activity to get the kids even more engaged about the farm.   This activity includes addition and subtraction problems.   

Students choose a card and create the number story using the hands on manipulatives (farm themed counters are included in this set)

Grab a little apple FREEBIE here

Looking for something apple realated for your math center, have your students spin, spin then solve! 
All pieces are included, learning mats, student answer sheets, and counting manpulitves,  just add paperclips or your own spinner!!!!  
Easy prep, color or black and white learning mat options.  
Buy it TODAY (9-21) on sale and play it tomorrow! 

Currently.. the baby is sleeping. :)

Monday, September 1, 2014
CURRENTLY... September?!!!   

I am linking up with Farley at Oh ' Boy 4th Grade

LISTENING  the absolute silence..... My newborn is sleeping before midnight.  I feel like a rock star because she is fed and in bed!  My husband is catching up on his shows that are on DVR and I am doing a quick post! 

LOVING that today I got to see my grandma, mom and dad.  ALL in one day!  Success. 

THINKING that I really should get some stuff done around the house.  Maybe unload the dishwasher, do laundry,.... you know normal household chores. 

WANTING a fresh new haircut.  

NEEDING nothing..... just maybe  a few more hours in the day.  But then again don't we all! 

3 Trips  I have traveled to many exotic places.  Some of them multiple times.  However, Alaska, Phuket and Saychelles are still on my list.  I will get there one-day... someday.

Thank you for joining me this month.  As promised from the last currently when I was on bed rest.  Here is the Little Itty Bitty Baby.  My little sweetness.....

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Oh Baby.... It's Back to School!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Ever feel like things happen and then everything else gets put to the side.  Well these two feet happened!  My last post was my June currently where I was "currently" on bed rest.  Since then, this little package arrived 1 week early, putting all my last minute to-do's on the now it's never going to get done list.  Oh well!  

Between feedings, changing and  family coming to visit I managed to complete these resources.   

My kindergarten colleagues asked me to create this NO PREP beginning skills resource for them.  It covers, alphabet practice, colors, numbers 1-10, beginning sounds and pre-primer sight words.  I added a little extra treat for them and give them color and black-line student awards.   
I know that my students love getting recognition for their work!  

Another custom resource was this Successful Writers BOOK OF WORDS 
This resource is a useful interactive tool that allows student freedom when they write.  This resource is adaptable for your students.
 For your higher more independent writers, give them the high frequency word pages with blanks to add their own words. For the newcomer, reluctant writer, or students will more demanding needs, copy the pages that have visuals and the word. 

For themed writing or just additional topics, copy the additional 24 pages of categories, that include picture and words. These categories are endless and allow students to use pictures to help develop their writing. Some categories include, family, food, clothing, seasons, and a whole lot more! 

A follow up to the BLENDS and DIGRAPH resource is a sister resource focusing on long vowels and vowel teams.  This resource has 19 interactive student booklets and multi-sensory learning mats to master these tricky sounds. 

A nice addition to tricky vowel sounds are these classroom visuals and charts.  These are great visual cues for all students.  This year the English Language Learners in first and second grade will be using  these during their RTI and AIS times.  

To accompany my beginning blends and digraphs, I created the final consonant charts and posters.

This year my theme is going to be primary polka dots.  (Shhhh don't tell my husband I bought new baskets and accessories!  He will not be happy to know that all the bright baskets are staying in the garage a little longer!)  
I created this calendar time set, to keep a changing pattern every month.  Also included, are 19 student resource pages for printing ease and additional reinforcement  during calendar time.  

Oh yes and for those of you who haven't started the new year yet, or those of you that want to snag a good deal!  My whole store is on sale...  Check it out.....   

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