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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
I  love my job, and my students.  I don't love taking time from my teaching to write a note to a parent.  I just don't have enough time in the day to stop what I am doing to write a note, or to call home.  (Having a secretary to make calls would be a wonderful Christmas present.... Santa are you listening!) 

I began using this behavior slip with my older students as a way to have them take responsibility for their classroom behavior and inappropriate actions.  I copy them onto brightly colored paper and when the student is having a difficult day, I ask them to fill out a slip to bring home.  Of course, I use warnings, our class behavior system, all before I ask them to fill out a slip.  I find that by having them complete the form, they are able to better understand what they did.  After, they complete it and I look at it, they bring it home to their parents to get signed.  It has worked for some of my students and has saved me a few minutes.  I hope that you can use it too. 

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