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Saturday, October 6, 2012
I think Halloween is such a fun time for the students to get dressed up in characters and do fun learning activities.  This year of the 12 special education boys I have,  4 of them can't celebrate Halloween for various reasons. 
So I decided to make generic literacy and math centers that do not mention anything about ghost, goblins, monsters or anything Halloween related. 
My favorite October activities, I have to admit, my students really seem to enjoy them and this year, a teacher on the grade actually asked to have a set because the kids talked about it then at lunch and asked when their class was going to do it! They loved the little mini pumpkins and the different activities to do with each center.

This packet includes 3 math and 4 literacy centers for Autumn and pumpkins.  The activity set includes differentiated activities many of the centers.
Pumpkin Circumference Center
****Differentiated sheets included

Pumpkin Prediction and Weight Center
****Differentiated sheets included

3 Differentiated Autumn Math Centers
Counting (1-10)

Number representation
Simple addition problems

Pumpkins Details Center-- Writing and Creativity

Pumpkin Poetry Center
2 Differentiated Writing paper included in packet

How to Grow a Pumpkin (Sequencing) Center

How a Pumpkin Grows Booklet (How to) Center

Also included are center signs clearly labeled for rotation and management and teacher list of materials needed for each center.


Oh and I forgot to mention I also have two other activities that I created from a previous year (I made them fancier thanks to this awesome cheveron background paper!) and one for the after school program that I do in my school.  These activties are also available. 

Check them out and please spread the word. 

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