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Friday, February 1, 2013
My head is spinning from the kiddos, long PD's and crazy Principal/ District demands.  I work in two different schools and the two schools run differently and they ask the teachers to do different stuff.  So when I create materials, I do it two (2) different ways and for students in grade K-2.  It happend that one school has adopted to try WEBB'S DOK.  However, the other school I am in does Bloom's Taxonomy.  (I wish they would get their acts together and pick one! My life would be so much easier!)  I created these posters for one school I work in and gave them to the the three teachers I work with.  I thought other schools out there may benefit from them too.  They will be on sale this weeked.  Here are classroom posters and mini student resources for Webb's Depth of Knowledge!  Please feel free to pin for me. 

(oh and btw, how do I get that cute little pin next/near the picture.)

So needless to say, I am so thrilled that it is finally FRIDAY and the weekend!  After this week I drove straight home, walked past the mailbox and the garbage can in the driveway and I did not collect $200 when I passed "GO."   I lets the dogs out for 5 seconds of fresh FREEZING air and then I went to take a nap.  Well that nap turned into a mini sleep!  The Mr. woke me up at 7:40 and asked if we were going to eat dinner today.  Ummm, I told him that I wanted to relax for a little bit.  He then reminded me that I was home today in the house by 3:30 today.  If I can do elapsed time correctly... that means I was asleep for 4 hours and 10 minutes! Man did I feel "relaxed" I was up feeling refreshed in no time.  I am now all dressed and ready for dinner and drinks to begin the weekend fun!  (The Mr. is taking his sweet time now. ... payback :( not cool)

I hope that everyone is ready for the BIG game on Sunday.  I can't wait to see Beyonce and I wonder will she or won't she be singing live.    In case you haven't heard yet TpT is having a HUGE sale and they are offering additional discounts on top the seller discounts.  My entire store will be on sale.  Don't forget to enter the code for the additional savings. 

Click the cute button to take you to my store to check things out before.  



  1. Loving your blog. I found you through Beth Ann's Mid-Winter Blues giveaway, and I'm now your newest follower. Isn't it great to find new friends..?


  2. Your blog is super cute! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower!

  3. your blog looks great! i'm a new blogger also.

  4. Just found your blog through the 3am Teacher. I saw that you created material using Canadian money - and I was so excited since I live and teach in Ontario!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  5. I just came over to follow you also! I commented back to you on my blog. I am looking forward to your ideas!

    Heather Salsman
    Teaching Through Turbulence


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