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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With over 65 more days to go until summer vacation, we still have a lot of learning to do.  My first and second graders are learning about compound words. When they found out that the secret was two words that are stuck together, they were so giddy.  One of the boys looked at our birthday chart and shouted... "Look that word has birth and the word day.. When they go together it says birthday!"  Then the rest of the day he became a little compulsive about finding compound words.  So much that he began making up words. (He tried to tell the class para that teacher was a compound word.  Arguing and explaining that teach- and her made up teacher.)  "But you don't understand," he says, "Mrs. B. teaches and she is a her!  Teach-her."   All day long of these explanations,  but it was thrilling to see the excitement. 

Here is the activity that I created for them last week. They are still excited about finding compound words in their stories and in the different poetry that we are exploring. 

If you are looking for compound word activities or printables then check this out.  Click on the picture for more pictures and a better view.

If you have stayed with me until the end, then you deserve a little treat.  Here is a Splish Splash Math activity I made for additional practice and reviewing subtraction facts to 18. The kiddos will be using this as an activity for the rainy recess days.


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