Are you feeling... hot ?

Thursday, May 30, 2013
The classroom thermostat read 95 degrees this morning at 9:15!!  What can you do when it is this hot?  We drank lots of water, worked with the lights off and made sure to feel like we were at the beach.


I really tried to keep the routine as normal as possible but boy was it hot!    Tomorrow it should be a little cooler.  Maybe only 90 degrees.  So then we will hit the ocean to stay cool.  

Thank you to the generous teachers and fans that have purchased a bundle.  The Teachers Care for Oklahoma has raised 5 figures so far.  Please pin.... share.... and SPREAD THE WORD about these awesome bundles.   100% will directly to the teachers and staff in Moore, Oklahoma!  Fundraiser ends on Monday June 3rd.  Buy it this weekend!  :)  


Happy Weekend.  Stay cool.  What's the weather were you are?  

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  1. I love you TPT products....following your store and blog! Laura



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