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Monday, June 10, 2013
Apparently size doesn't matter.  The little guy decides that HE will lay in on the big bed.   All this commotion all while my husband is trying to repaint the wall.   Ahh what a way to spend Monday night!  Just look at those faces.... Two dogs grateful to be rescued and living the good life!  They are spoiled, spoiled dogs. 

This is how I spent Monday Morning!  I have to park my car four city blocks from my school (that's where I rent a parking spot.  Ahh, life in the big city!)  I just happen to have flip flops in the trunk. (You never know when you might be in mood for a fresh pedicure!)  So I rolled up my pants and walked. The crossing guard looked at me, like I was crazy!  I just nodded and waved good morning.   I got to school, dried my feet and was ready for whatever Monday had for me!  

How was YOUR Monday?

Take a look at these two AWESOME giveaways!  The prizes are unreal!  Head over and enter for your chance to win the loot! 

My student teacher has graduated and left our class last week.  As a parting gift, my class and I created some personal items for her future classroom. After she left our class, it looks like she just left the teacher supply store!  I made her a custom word wall with her favorite primary colors and polka dots!  She also got my rainbow chevron word wall too. I laminated the words for her and my students cut out everything for her.   I am going to create some additional piece for her.

The teacher I share a room wants to go back old school.  So I created these for her classroom and my teaching corner   Who would have thought that with SMART boards and IPads we would want old school chalkboard themes!

The calendar kit will have some added pieces to the set.   

If you made it all the way done here, do tell, What's your theme for next year?


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