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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I now have somewhat of a feeling as to how a DJ feels at a party.  Requests are nice to get, and it's so hard to say no!  As it turns out this summer, I am taking requests from all the teachers I've worked with and also some very sweet supporters of my little TpT store.

What started out as a personalized good-bye gift from me to my student teacher,  has turned into chevron, chalkboard and polka dot heaven!  Since officially starting summer vacation on June 27, I have created word walls and alphabet charts of all styles, all colors!  I even printed them out on card stock and laminated them for a teacher who is on a medical leave.  ** She is on her own to cut them out ;) ** 

Funny thing, is my husband doesn't seem to get it. Actually, he  thinks I'm still working on the same product.  He walked pasted me last week and said, "Geez, You're still doing that!  Maybe you should begin something else on that to-do list!"  Shows how little he knows!

So these are the sets.  I am talking a break for now to do the other things on that to-do list.

I never actually got started with the whole Candy Crush Craze.  But these cards made me rethink it!  I will add it to the bottom of my to-do list!

These are REVERSED Black and White Polka Dot Word Wall Words. 

 I believe when something/someone is good to you, they should be rewarded.   MY PRINTER has been VERY good to me.  So good that I decided to make polka dots with less black.  The printer thanks me.  Here is the link to my printer.  I love it so much and it never lets me down.   The price is an investment, but it saves me time and money.  I have had going on the 3rd summer and I think I refilled the ink two times.  You can check it out here. 

Everything needs to match so here are the alphabet posters. 

One friend was looking for color, so she got chevron!

What colors do you like together?  I still can't decide on ,y class theme.  I travel to a few schools and I also have different grades.  I just do it all!  (except cook, clean and the other boring stuff)


  1. Love your products and all the colors! Makes me want to rethink my theme! P.S. I started the candy crush "saga" last month while on vacation and I'm hooked!

    First Grade OWLS

  2. We have nominated you for the Liebster Award! It is basically just a way for bloggers to get connected with other bloggers. We love your blog and thought others would too. Stop by our blog for all the details!
    Amber and Michele

    Our K Crew Rocks


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