Currently, still enjoying summer!

Thursday, August 1, 2013
 Yep Summer is in full swing and so thankful that I get to enjoy all of AUGUST.  

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LISTENING  to the long awaited rain, hitting the A/C unit.  Kinda nice and relaxing.  

LOVING that I still have 1 more month of SUMMER vacation.  Here teachers don't report until September 3rd.   I guess that's a perk to working until the end of June.  So when you all are having your summer countdown in May, I still have a month more of school.  So now LOVING that CURRENTLY, half of the bloggy world goes back and I am still sleeping late, please don't call until after 10am.    :)

THINKING that the half of cup coffee I had this morning, just isn't doing it.  I need more JAVA!  

WANTING that dryer of mine to have a fold feature!  It would make doing laundry so much more doable!.

NEEDING to pack for my trip next week.  Some of you know that I am surprising my friend in Italy.  She is over there right now preparing to get married and doing all that fun stuff.  She thinks that I am here teaching summer school and won't be able to make this GRAND event.  Little does she know that I WILL be there and that I didn't teach one day of summer school!   But let me tell you the hardest part has been "pretending" to teach summer school.  She keep asking about it and how the kids are.  I keep going along with it.....

* I can't start the year off without a huge, gigantic package of flair pens.  In June I raffle all my pens off to my kiddos.  THEY LOVE IT.
* I need to get a fresh new haircut.  I will be doing that right after my trip.
* Yes, I also need a new paper cutter.  My scissors and small one sheet cutter, just isn't going to do it for me another year.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying this month's currently.

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  1. I think that is SOO cool that you're going to Italy to surprise your friend. Be sure to take lots of pictures. I hear that Italy has some of the best bakeries. :) Have a great trip, will chat with you when you get back!


    Crayonbox Learning

  2. Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a self-folding dryer? I'd put all my TpT earnings to that for sure! Your friend is going to be so excited to see you! What a fabulous surprise! Have a wonderful trip - hope she isn't reading your post :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. The self-folding dryer would be amazing. Our needing is the same--packing : ) Have fun on your trip!
    Kids Math Teacher

  4. I'm so jealous you still have so much time before you go back... I'm a stress case over here in Florida waiting to get back to Cali. LOL Enjoy my friend and have a cocktail for me in about a week while you are on vacation and I'm running around I'm running around like a mad woman.

  5. When you invent a dryer that folds the laundry, I will definitely buy one! And your needing sounds like so much fun!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. I also don't go back for a month :) It makes up for all of those weeks when everyone was blogging about summer while we were still in school! I am also a self-contained teacher and your newest follower :)

    Lesson Plans & Lattes


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