MONEY... Chevron.... and Classroom visuals

Thursday, August 15, 2013
I caught a little WIFI signal while traveling so here is a quick money post.   The EURO is such a fascinating currency.   I have traveled through a few countries and I can use the same currency.   The exchange rate isn't that great.   I created a set of Canadian money posters and games that seemed to catch the eye of my American friends.   I had a few requests to create US money posters so here they are.   I also included a set of posters and charts that have points to touch for easy and multi sensory counting.

I can't wait to show these fun signs to my kiddos and when my sensory students see the touch points they are going to flip!    
 For the touch points, I use a little shinny rhinestones and glue it to the poster, it is more exciting for them to count with and they love counting money! 

OH and you might want to make sure you are around this weekend.   I am just saying something big is happening around here! 


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