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Monday, September 2, 2013
 Ummmm... Really is it THAT time again! 

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LISTENING  to pots and dishes in the dishwasher! 

LOVING that after an entire summer of research, and price comparison, my picky husband got his new truck.  

THINKING that I can't believe the summer is over and tomorrow is the first professional development for me in my district. 

WANTING that chance to watch all my shows on the DVR.  I am season behind on all my shows and I need to make sure that I am up to date when all the shows return in a few weeks. 

NEEDING to make sure that 5:20 AM is set correctly on my alarm and that I am ready to start the new year.  

Love for myself.  I need to make sure I get to a YOGA class.  I like to mediate and stretch.  Yoga does the trick.  Maybe a 3:45 class on Fridays is just what I will need to end my week and begin my weekends.  :) 

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I am off to laminate these babies.  
This is going to be my first center/activity next week.  I need to see what they remember from last year.  

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