Fun week of learning and a lil freebie too!

Monday, October 7, 2013
This week in math, it's all about odd and even numbers with the beginning of expanded and standard form.  Thanks to Deana at Primary Punch for this awesome set with these great visuals.  One of my students said he liked the way the numbers had feet and eyes!  (He now refers to the chart all the time.)  I might add eyes and feet to everything just for him to look at it.  :)

The students are working on landforms.  This week we are focusing on oceans and continents.  The students are loving the teaser that I gave them today using Linda Kamp's unit Continents, Oceans and Landforms
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Having a mixed class I need to be prepared and have activities for all the grades.  So one of my first graders is having problems with his letters.  So I made this little activity just for him and he has it in he lunchbox and plays at lunch.  Click the picture to GRAB THIS FREEBIE

The rest of my first graders are having fun with these sight word mats.   

Some of them are up to fixing the words to make them correct. 


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