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Saturday, November 2, 2013
NOVEMBER ALREADY!!!!!!  Wow, wow, how time does fly!  School is already at the end of the first marking period.  Where does the time go?   I feel like I just put away my bathing suits and capris.

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LISTENING  to Pandora.  I found Tina Turner and Simply the Best, put me in a great Saturday mood.  (For a woman her age, she puts on a wonderful concert and 

LOVING this whole day light saving thing.  One extra hour to sleep, work, hang out is just the great thing ever!   I won't feel this way in the spring when I lose the hour. :(   

THINKING that by now I should have gone to my car and grab my schoolbag that has report cards and IEP paper work.   I needs to get done by........ mmmm....... very soon!   :(   I guess that extra hour is going to come in handy tonight! 

WANTING the report cards to get done all by themselves!  Really how wonderful would it be if I went to get them and they were already completed!   :)  PURE JOY!!!!!   (not likely to happen.) 

NEEDING to get to the mall to get gifts for my niece and nephew for their birthdays!   With Christmas around the corner, their birthdays need to be just as special.  I need to find the perfect gift that won't be thrown to the side in a few weeks with the delivery of Santa's massive gift selection!  

a yummy pin I guess this is the part where I will confess that I don't cook.... I don't really know where the kitchen even is!  I get annoyed when i have to wait for the water to boil and can't stand even cutting a tomato.  But I can set a mean table and run the dishwasher like no one has ever seen!   I am very blessed to have a husband that LOVES to cook!  watches Master Chef and Gordon Ramsey all the time and one of his favorite stores is William Sonoma.   (Yay for me!)

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Now I really need to get back to finishing up my centers for November and finish printing part two of   Mix It and Fix it sight words!   

Then I promise I will get to those report cards.    :) 


  1. I swear...even when I do bring the teacher bag inside, I rarely pull anything out of it! I should honestly just start leaving it at school!

    Good luck with finishing your products (oh yeah...and the report cards too!)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. yep! my husband is the main cook in our house too, thank goodness! I have done a lot of cooking in the past, and it's just not worth it, but I like to eat yummy things. My school bag (with wheels) goes home and back to school daily and about once a week I actually take something out and finish it! Nice to meet you! Paula @

  3. My teacher bag just likes to go for a ride in my car. I can't ever seem to bring inside the house. Good luck with the report cards!


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