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Saturday, December 7, 2013
Blends are tricky!   Many of my students are speech and language impaired and learning blends for them is even harder.  We have been practicing on mastering CVC words and they have enjoyed working with the PICTURE PERFECT activities I created.   So I thought, why not continue with what I know works and with what they also ENJOY doing!   Happy engaged students makes for a Happy teacher :) 

This was a treat that I introduced this week!  I got an email from a parent that asked where she could buy the game that her son would not top talking about!   (He added it to his Christmas list in hopes that Santa would bring him one!)  Good thing I have Santa's number!  

Nothing says hands on multisensory learning fun, more than Wikki Sticks and magnetic letters!   
Each blend has two boards that can be laminated or put into sheet protectors

Black and white for markers and letter stamps.

Colorful mats for magnetic letters, Wikki Sticks, or Dry Erase marker!

Each booklet is blend specific.  These 6 page interactive booklet are excellent to reinforce and give additional practice.   They also give the student repetition and confidence in learning the blend.  

Here it is in action!

Reading words with the blend

Writing words with the blend.

Finding and coloring words that have the special blend.

 Remove the last page of the booklet and student will have to match the picture with the proper word, all focusing on the blend of the booklet.

Blends is the focus and these activities are sure to get them excited.  

WOW!  Look at all the interactive booklets available and ready for students to use! 

Also available is a DIGRAPH set!   With Beginning AND Ending Digraphs.  These booklets and activities follow the same format as the blends to ensure all student success and independence.  



Thank you for your support and your pins!  :)   
Look for additional interactive sets coming soon.  Email me if you have a special request for your special learners!  

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  1. I added the blends item to my wishlist! I love how engaging it is!

    Teaching with TLC,
    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs


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