Four Months and Four FREEBIES!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I was mortified when I looked at my last blog post.  How could I have been neglecting this spot in cyberspace for so long!?  

I, like you and everyone else, have been super busy.  With family, my daughter, the job and creating rich resources for all levels of my students.  

In the time since I have not blogged, I have updated some older products, created new ones.  Watched my daughter grow taller and more curious than ever.  I have lived through a toddler teething and feel like that needs to be celebrated somehow by all the adults who go through it!  

As I type this post, baby girl is napping, the laundry is on the spin cycle, the chicken dinner is in the oven cooking....Please pass the wine this way! Mama is tired!

As promised in the title here are your FREEBIES....   Feedback is always appreciated and let's me know what you think about the resources.  

Check out these NO PREP items.... great for centers, homework, RTI, enrichment, or the subtub!


Keep the math skills sharp with these math activities. 


I have some new things coming too...... soon! 
Another NO PREP freebie...  a carnival math activity and some additions/updates to my mega and growing bundle units.  Make sure you follow the TPT store you get these goodies.  


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