Hands on Math.... Making a Trade!

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Regrouping 2 digit numbers has become my number one difficulty with my 2nd graders so far this year.  The mixed level class, the common core, or the concept, I can;t put my finger on it.   So I created these hands on math mats to get my struggling kids more comfortable with regrouping.  

Students chose a board.  They show the top digit using tens and ones.  Then they show the middle digit with tens and ones.  They MAKE A TRADE if necessary and then SLIDE down to solve! Fun, interactive, and hands on!  

                                 SHOW                                   TRADE

                              SHOW                                TRADE

Looking for more challenging or less challenging math mats?  Create your own problems or have the students create them for each other!  Fun for everyone.  


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