Oh Baby.... It's Back to School!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Ever feel like things happen and then everything else gets put to the side.  Well these two feet happened!  My last post was my June currently where I was "currently" on bed rest.  Since then, this little package arrived 1 week early, putting all my last minute to-do's on the now it's never going to get done list.  Oh well!  

Between feedings, changing and  family coming to visit I managed to complete these resources.   

My kindergarten colleagues asked me to create this NO PREP beginning skills resource for them.  It covers, alphabet practice, colors, numbers 1-10, beginning sounds and pre-primer sight words.  I added a little extra treat for them and give them color and black-line student awards.   
I know that my students love getting recognition for their work!  

Another custom resource was this Successful Writers BOOK OF WORDS 
This resource is a useful interactive tool that allows student freedom when they write.  This resource is adaptable for your students.
 For your higher more independent writers, give them the high frequency word pages with blanks to add their own words. For the newcomer, reluctant writer, or students will more demanding needs, copy the pages that have visuals and the word. 

For themed writing or just additional topics, copy the additional 24 pages of categories, that include picture and words. These categories are endless and allow students to use pictures to help develop their writing. Some categories include, family, food, clothing, seasons, and a whole lot more! 

A follow up to the BLENDS and DIGRAPH resource is a sister resource focusing on long vowels and vowel teams.  This resource has 19 interactive student booklets and multi-sensory learning mats to master these tricky sounds. 

A nice addition to tricky vowel sounds are these classroom visuals and charts.  These are great visual cues for all students.  This year the English Language Learners in first and second grade will be using  these during their RTI and AIS times.  

To accompany my beginning blends and digraphs, I created the final consonant charts and posters.

This year my theme is going to be primary polka dots.  (Shhhh don't tell my husband I bought new baskets and accessories!  He will not be happy to know that all the bright baskets are staying in the garage a little longer!)  
I created this calendar time set, to keep a changing pattern every month.  Also included, are 19 student resource pages for printing ease and additional reinforcement  during calendar time.  

Oh yes and for those of you who haven't started the new year yet, or those of you that want to snag a good deal!  My whole store is on sale...  Check it out.....   


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