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Sunday, November 16, 2014
Sometimes a little love goes a long way.  My little student Alejandro was having a very rough week.  For a 5 year old boy to have so many issues, sometimes work needs to be put to the side and love needs to step in.  That's exactly what we did. My class paraprofessional found out that Alejandro wanted to be famous when he grows up.  He was "playing" a game on the computer in order to try to get him to open up about what was bothering him.  
Without going into details.... I have the ability to make him famous!   

He is on the blog today.  I told him that if he did some work for me, I would call the computer man and have him put it on the Internet for everyone to see!   

SOOOOO, Alejandro got right to work. He colored, counted and worked like a mad man so he could be famous.  After he worked I praised him like crazy, stickers of all kinds, and then I marched right over to my phone and called the computer man.  The computer man, AKA my former paraprofessional came to my class right away and took his work so that he can become famous.  
On Monday morning, I will show him that his work is now on the Internet!  With the encouragement and excitement, I hope to see Alejandro work more in class with  hopes to become famous. 

LADIES and GENTLEMEN, I am proud to introduce to you Alejandro and his Little Book of 7. 

 Here is some number hunting, writing, and representing. 

        Here Alejandro showed a ten frame, numbers before and      after with tally marks.  Then he showed his number using base  ten cubes and his favorite drawing the number.  He told me he did  hearts, because he loves me for making him famous.   

Here is the activity.  11 interactive booklets 

Also avaliable is the alphabet....

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