Fun On the Farm

Sunday, September 21, 2014
City kids love learning about the farm!  The first grade teachers in my building have be getting ready to begin their farm units ending with a trip to the farm where they will pick pumpkins and enjoy the farm.  This trip is really a fun trip for our students, due to the fact the we teach in a very poor part of the inner city.  The little kiddos go crazy for all the farm animals.   The children have an opportunity to milk the cows, get eggs from the hen house, and go on a hayride!  

  I created this hands on activity to get the kids even more engaged about the farm.   This activity includes addition and subtraction problems.   

Students choose a card and create the number story using the hands on manipulatives (farm themed counters are included in this set)

Grab a little apple FREEBIE here

Looking for something apple realated for your math center, have your students spin, spin then solve! 
All pieces are included, learning mats, student answer sheets, and counting manpulitves,  just add paperclips or your own spinner!!!!  
Easy prep, color or black and white learning mat options.  
Buy it TODAY (9-21) on sale and play it tomorrow! 

Currently.. the baby is sleeping. :)

Monday, September 1, 2014
CURRENTLY... September?!!!   

I am linking up with Farley at Oh ' Boy 4th Grade

LISTENING  the absolute silence..... My newborn is sleeping before midnight.  I feel like a rock star because she is fed and in bed!  My husband is catching up on his shows that are on DVR and I am doing a quick post! 

LOVING that today I got to see my grandma, mom and dad.  ALL in one day!  Success. 

THINKING that I really should get some stuff done around the house.  Maybe unload the dishwasher, do laundry,.... you know normal household chores. 

WANTING a fresh new haircut.  

NEEDING nothing..... just maybe  a few more hours in the day.  But then again don't we all! 

3 Trips  I have traveled to many exotic places.  Some of them multiple times.  However, Alaska, Phuket and Saychelles are still on my list.  I will get there one-day... someday.

Thank you for joining me this month.  As promised from the last currently when I was on bed rest.  Here is the Little Itty Bitty Baby.  My little sweetness.....

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