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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just as the baby has falling asleep, I am now able to publish this post.  Tomorrow  TODAY  is the HUGE TPT sale.  

See here is the baby.... so cute huh.  I can watch her sleep all day!!  :) She is my little supergirl. 

I added some awesome NO PREP resources for the upcoming units. Here are TWO of my newest Successful Little Learner resources.  Click the picture to take you there. 

 A few followers have asked me to bundle and to also divide my unit.  So here they are.  

The  Mega Phonics bundle is just that a HUGE...MEGA....GIGANTIC zipped file of the See it, Read, it, Write it sets.  Colored and black.white activities    
See the picture of what is inlcluded in the MEGA bundle. 


This is the bundle that is only the NO PREP BOOKLETS.  It's the snme ppicture from above but just the booklets for easy print and do.  

THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY... grab these two FREEBIES.....  One is for March and the other is from my Febreaury Valentine's Love.  But you can always use it anytime to reinforce a skill.  If you are looking for Spring or anything else.... check out the FREEBIES in my store.  


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