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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For most of the summer months I was enjoying the simple life.  My husband and I, along with my parents went to visit MY 89 year old grandmother in Europe.  I brought my daughter to meet her one of her 3 living GREAT-Grandmothers!  It was an experience like non other.  But really how did we ever survive without WIFI and cell phones attached at our hands!  
Here are two photos of where I was for 4 weeks.  One road in and one road out.  Corn Fields and mountains as far as the eye can see.  Take a look at the picture on the right.  See that heart.... well that is my grandmothers house and I am standing on the beach!  Nothing like life with a view.  No traffic, no hustle... no bustle.  Just my family and mother nature.   
While I was living the simple life without WIFI I updated some products and created some new ones to use with my students this year.   

First revision is RHYME TIME PHONICS.    The revision added some new activities and more pages!  Like 20 more pages.   
A few day after  I got back my nephew joined me, completed some activities and earned himself a trip to the Lego store.  Although, he enjoys playing my activities and doing things for me.  He enjoys what happens after the best.  

If you made it all the way down here you might want to click on the preview... I'm just saying. ;)

So the nephew I was telling you about the one that went to the Lego store.  Well.... my sister in law is having a T-O-U-G-H time getting him to practice his sight words this summer.   So she called me!  Kids might be able to leave school... but when your aunt is a teacher, learning always creeps up.

SO I made him this.

His VERY OWN on the go..... I'm too cool for school word booklet.... 180 words!  I made him 15 and then just this week I agave him 10 more.  I made a multisensory word ring for him.  He can trace, write, erase and do it again!  He used wikki sticks, silly putty.... (I didn't even know that was still around), Washi tape to Trace.  Then he found my box of colorful Expo markers and went to town.   He was so happy with his book he showed his little league friend and I was making more.   With his permission I am selling the item in my store.

See all the fun a marker and book rings can create!  Another item kid approved.
Great thing about this is I am offering a customized word list unique for your needs, click HERE to find out how you can get your very own word list.  

If you need a BOOST to help get ready for back to school head over to my shop and see may sale.  Bundles are on sale too!  Don't forget the code MORE15

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